After New Vegas

Does anyone have thoughts on online multiplayer for Fallout? For it? Against it? Meh about it?

Personally I’d prefer for it to remain Singleplayer since I’m not so great at multiplayer games, but apparently there already is an unofficial one based off the original Fallout engine (Fallout’s 1 and 2). Take a look for yourself

FOnline: Reloaded is a free to play MMORPG based on the FOnline Engine and FOnline: 2238. It is set in the world known from Fallout games, in the year 2238 - 3 years before the events of Fallout 2. You can play in the areas from Fallout and Fallout 2.

(Source: falloutforlife)

It is not enough to simply beat your enemy. You must so thoroughly destroy them and break their will to fight so they’ll never think about attacking you again." ~ The Courier

Wandering the Wastes with Dogmeat.

Wandering the Wastes with Dogmeat.

«RECORDED 2283.5.5.0100HRS»

"Alpha Bear, this is Able Fox Outpost Sierra is overrun! Need immediate reinforcements and supplies! Over!"

"Able Fox this is Alpha Bear, what exactly is the situation over."

"Ghouls have broken through our perimeter! *BLAM* *BLAM* *BLAM* They came out of nowhere sir! Half the *BLAM* Company’s gone. We’ve had to climb up on the roofs just to get away from them sir! *BLAM* *BLAM* Over!

"Sit tight Able Fox, we’re diverting a Platoon of Rangers to your position from Outpost Charlie. Expect reinforcements within 4 hours. Over"

"4 hours?! We’re not gonna last 4 mins sir! *CRASHING NOISE* Oh fuck they broke through the stairwell! *BLAM* *BLAM* Biggs hold em back! THERE’S TOO MANY OF THEM"

"Able Fox!"

"Biggs look out! *AAARRGHH* Oh shit! Oh shit! *BLAM* *BLAM* FUUUUUUCKKKKK! *AAARRGHHHH!!*"


"*static* *zzzzzzzt*… "

"Able Fox do you read me?"

"*Crunching noise* *inaudible snarling & grunting*…"

Hey Guys hope you enjoyed listening to this. Please let me know what you think of this new segment whether you love it, hate it or want to see more of it?

New Segment Coming Soon.
Some wasteland Radio. Its no Three Dog since it’ll be voiced by a Robot, but hopefully you guys will like it.

New Segment Coming Soon.

Some wasteland Radio. Its no Three Dog since it’ll be voiced by a Robot, but hopefully you guys will like it.

Courier’s Log Thursday.1800hrs

Veronica and I were scouting easterly of Hoover Dam today when we nearly found ourselves up shit hill creek without a paddle. That was of course until she.. she um… I still really have no idea what the fuck happened exactly or how she did it. Regardless she saved both our hides, and after seeing whatever that was I will think twice from now on about treating her like a pack brahmin. I’m honestly glad I did take a chance on that young girl from California with stars in her eyes and a pnematic gauntlet on her hand.

The Vault Dweller Engages the infamous Alpha Deathclaw mano-a-mano

~made in Garry’s Mod

Stars of the midnight Ranges by Johnny Bond

this is the imagery that I’d conjure up in my head whenever I heard this song.